What is Odos?

Odos Smart Order Routing (SOR) is a patented Automated Market Maker (AMM) path finding algorithm, which aggregates decentralized exchanges (DEX) and finds optimal routes for cryptocurrency token swaps. Odos enables retail and institutional traders to benefit from incremental savings when converting one or several cryptocurrency tokens into other asset(s).

Why is DEX aggregation needed?

Today, significant trading volume exists outside of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. This volume is executed in a permissionless fashion on decentralized exchanges (DEX) using automated market makers that leverage liquidity pools (crowdsourced token pairs locked in a smart contract) rather than centralized order books.

As the number of DEXs, liquidity sources and token pairs continues to grow, the process of finding the best exchange rate between one or more digital assets becomes computationally intensive. Odos aggregates many DEXs and other liquidity sources to deliver the best swap rates for its users on many different blockchains.

How is Odos different?

Odos traverses a large universe of possible token swap combinations and non-linear paths to deliver complex routes and best exchange rates without compromising on gas fees. Odos is also the first DEX aggregator to introduce a multi-token input feature that allows users to swap from several tokens in a single atomic transaction.

Who is behind Odos?

Odos was founded by the team at Semiotic Labs, which focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence, cryptography, and blockchain, working to optimize Web3. Semiotic Labs is a core developer for The Graph protocol, contributing to research and development involving autonomous decision-making agents, zk-SNARKs, and AI-based determination of query costs, bringing secure and verifiable automation to Web3.

Liquidity Sources